Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day five...oh the drama!

I am halfway through my cleanse! Well, that is if I want to just do the ten day minimum that you're supposed to do. Which, as of right now, I'm really craving raw foods and wanting so badly to be able to do a good workout so I might just stop at ten days. I'm completely over looking at yummy foods and just getting sad that I can't eat them. I really haven't had a real, honest craving yet though. What would make me sad is realizing how much I've been eating just because, not because my body needs fuel to run properly. But just because I'm stressed or because something looks good.

Yesterday should have been a tough day for me, but it wasn't! I had a rough night sleeping because Mela (who's now two) has learned how to escape from her crib (like three times a night). And when I went to the store just for some more soy milk, I locked myself out of the car! It took two hours to get someone to open it for me and get back home. Than while I was waiting for the car to be opened, I got a call from a family friend about doing a photo session for her daughter, like that same day! So I did because I love me a photo session. But than after my session, about 7:30 pm my son was pretty adamant that we take him to see How to Train Your Dragon. And since we had been promising we would take him, I did take the 9 pm showing. Oh my. I thought I was doomed. Late night, stressful day, that usually means I pig out on yummy food by the time 9 pm rolls around.

Walking to the theater after parking, my son notices Coldstone. We LOVE Coldstone. So John asked for some ice cream and into Coldstone we went! But I really wasn't tempted at all. It was an incredible feeling. But than as soon as we walked in the theater the smells overwhelmed me. It was like I could smell EVERYTHING. Popcorn, candy, cheese sticks, pizza, fries, and a mixture of other things. My son got popcorn and it was weird knowing that I couldn't even have one bite, but it wasn't difficult to resist.

So, all in all, it was a good day four!

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