Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day four...

I'm on day four of my cleanse now and I can hardly believe it. After I blogged yesterday, the rest of my day went okay. I went to bed earlier than usual so I didn't get a chance to blog again. I have to say though,

I tortured myself yesterday. Because I...

-went to Del Taco with John and sat there drinking my lemonade while he ate.
-my mom and I took the kids to burger king to play and she ended up getting a meal and so I also sat there and watched her eat. And I don't eat burgers but I do love me some BK fries.
-and I watched cooking shows. I have no idea why.

So there, that's why yesterday was not as easy as the other days have been. But it was manageable. If ever I think about eating something I just remind myself that all that food will be there in a few days when I finish my cleanse. Which is what I should always think when thinking about eating too much food for fun or because I'm stressed. I'm glad I'm learning that now.

I was watching some youtube videos yesterday and thought I would link some here to my blog. This particular set of videos is really great, I think. The woman starting out weighed 146 lbs and is 5'3. I'm just going to post two short videos here. The first one is her first day on the Master Cleanse. The second is her last day on the cleanse. She did it for the maximum amount of days recommended, forty. I love her story because she lost about 28 lbs and three months later had still kept off all the weight but 3lbs. She changed her eating habits and worked out regularly once she got off the cleanse. Also, she stopped drinking alcohol and that had been hard for her to do before the diet. So here are the two videos...

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  1. Good job Bonnie! Keep up the good work to get over the day 5 hump! Treat yourself to a nice hot epsom salts soak in the tub or something!