Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mela, you turned 2 today...

Let me first tell you how badly I wanted you.
Before you were born, I dreamed of having a beautiful little girl.
I would see your brother in the back seat of our car, and picture another little baby next to him.
When daddy and I started trying to get pregnant, it took less than a week to make you...
Told you we wanted you really bad :)
When you were finally born, things turned out to be kind of hard for me.
But we got through it.
And you still love me now, more than ever I think.
Daddy just commented today how much we've bonded lately.
I agree. We have really become closer as of late.
I'm so very grateful for that.
And for you.
You have more energy than I thought possible.
You are so feisty. But I mean, really feisty.
Matter of fact, you've been fiercely defending your older brother since you were 18 months old.
I love that you don't like really girly toys but that you love real babies.
You're such a mommy already.
Having you in our family makes it more fun.
More loving.
More funny.
More about living in the now.
We love you baby girl.
Happy Birthday.


P.S. Grandma K, this picture down below is for you. The shirts you sent fit her perfectly. Told you she's tall! Thanks again! We love the clothes.


  1. MY! MY! Hasn't she grown? She doesn't look like a baby any more. Such a cute little girl.

  2. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the little moments with your kids, for they go by so quickly. You guys make the prettiest kids - honestly! Sending love from AZ!

  3. Aw! I can't believe she's 2 already! I remember first meeting you and thinking how cute your tiny baby girl was. Too cool.

    Happy Birthday Mela!

  4. Aw! Happy Birthday to your little girl,she a beautiful little girl hope to meet her one day and see you once again. Bonny you have such a wonderful family and it might sound silly, but I've always looked up to you and now most of all because how great of a mom you are to your kids.
    once again happy birthday Mela!

  5. Helloooo! Stopping by from Momblogs! Happy Belated birthday to your little one!