Saturday, September 26, 2009

The day before we left Pennsylvania...

Was a happy day. My sister-in-law came over to the house and brought pizza and her family. For my kids, seeing their cousins is such a treat. For me, I love to watch them play but it does sometimes overwhelm me that so many kids are in one space being extra loud. Should you start thinking I'm a weirdo for feeling that way, just keep in mind that I am an only child and my upbringing was pretty quiet and being alone or just with my mom was the norm.

But back to my story.

When we all were done eating our pizza, the kids were sent outside to run around like crazy folk.

And while I'm talking about little kids running around, what is it about children that gives them so much darn energy? It's like, "Hi! My name is John and I only slept four hours last night but I'm ready to go, go, GO!!!!!! Because I'm three years old and have all the energy in the freakin' world!!!!! Just watch me run circles around this field like 4768 times!!!!!"

So, that's what they did. My kids played with their cousins and ran around with all the energy in the world.

And I embraced it.

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