Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have a sticker where?

The plane ride from Baltimore, MD to Denver, CO was a four hour (four hour!) plane ride. I am so aware that some people fly across the world with their kids and so my plane ride seems like a big fat "no big deal" but it was to me. Little John was awesome, as he always is on car or plane rides but Mela, not so much. I had bought little toys and new art supplies thinking I'd whip out one thing at a time depending on how crazy the kids were. Well, let 's just say that I was out of new toys and they were bored of coloring after an hour. John did fine though just playing with his superheroes but Mela let everyone on the plane know how well she screams. And not only how well she screams, but for how long she can actually scream for, too. It was horrific and so when the plane started to descend I was so happy.

The flight attendant always does one more round of trash collecting before the plane lands and I had two more diapers and countless wipes (from wiping juice, food, and who knows what else off the kids faces) to add to her collection of crap. As the flight attendant stood there for what seemed like 59 minutes, I finally was done getting all my trash into the huge white trash bag. When I notice that the flight attendant is still standing right in front of me, even though I'm done putting trash into her bag, I look up to see why she's still standing there. She bends down and sort of whispers to me, "Ma'am, you have a sticker on your head." She straightens up and walks away. The young couple sitting in the aisle next to ours start laughing at the same time that I start laughing at myself. We had played with Spiderman stickers in the first few minutes of our flight. That means I walked around the plane with a sticker, the size of little John's hand, on top of my head for four hours.


At least we're here and safe and so I leave you with these pictures. The first one is before boarding on the plane and the last two are of the kids on the plane. Just so you know, that's gum in Mela's mouth, it kept her quiet for like three minutes before she chucked it at me and it took me forever to find it. It had gotten stuck between two buttons on my new button up shirt. Again, so glad that plane ride is over.


  1. Oh Bonnie! My heart goes out to you! I've never had to go through a 4 hour plane ride but a 1 hour lunch at a restaurant is exactly the same for me! And a sticker on the forehead is just a new fashion statement, so no worries. :D At least you can laugh about it.
    Today at Mimi's Cafe I suffered through Enoch running around the table and running under it - the whole time both my mother and sister just laughed. They're only kids once though. I love that you gave Mela gum though! It used to be Enoch's favorite. :D

    Glad you made it safe!

  2. Thanks Natalie! I'm just glad we made it across country in one piece :)

  3. I don't envy you flying that long Bonnie. The flight to California for us is 2 1/2 hours and my experience is 1-3 is the roughest age. I had to laugh at my husband because he didn't want to pay $5 for tv on the way out a couple of years ago...let's just say on the way back he was the first guy with his credit card out.