Monday, August 10, 2009

Just because...

That picture you see really has nothing to do with this post but what's a post without a picture?

Our impending move has started to become real instead of some distant thought. We have so much to pack and so much crap. Yes, enormous amounts of crap. How can a family who is vegetarian and like 70% vegan (I have no idea how I came up with 70% but just go with it) have so many McDonald's toys? That place has nothing to offer our family but greasy fries and weird tasting yogurt with some weird tasting fruit (used the word weird way too many times). I hate, HATE McDonald's. But sometimes they have cool Ice Age toys or cool Spiderman toys or whatever, and I guess I just can't help myself. Now we have a gazillion little toys that have created an impressive pile. Oh, and the amounts of clothes stuffed in our closet is alarming. Half of it, more than half if I'm honest, is clothes that is way too small for me still (STILL!). Those size 4 jeans torture me by just sitting there on our shelves, so perfectly folded because the last time they were touched was when we moved in with my in-laws. That was, just so you know, over a year ago.

Anyway, I must sort through papers, clothes, toys, more papers, and figure out how the heck to get my dog to Denver. Do you know what it costs for him to be flown to us, a whopping $400 (or more). That's only one-way people!

So, I must go and do something productive. Maybe I'll go do Turbo and fit into those darn size 4 jeans again.

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