Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I thought of this mama...

My kids and I spent our evening yesterday at Target. We walked around and around really not looking for anything in particular. Though I did buy some baby wipes and earrings. Just so you know.

When we were done purchasing our oh-so-important items, we walked out of Target. I was pushing a cart with Mela sitting in it and John was walking beside me on my right side, holding on to the cart while I kept saying, "Don't let go!". There was a mama walking in the parking lot towards Target as I was making my way to my car. She was holding what looked to be like a 2-year-old little girl on her hip. She looked at me, smiled, and then gave her daughter a kiss on her cheek that must have had so much love packed behind it that it made her squeeze her eyes shut until she was all done.

It made me smile to see that and then I thought of this mama.

I remember when I took this shot and then quickly looked at the screen on my camera to see if I had nailed it. When I saw that I had, it made me so happy. To others it may seem like she accidentally just closed her eyes but I was there. I saw her hug her daughter so tight she couldn't help but squeeze her eyes shut.

For some reason, that made my night to see that mama at Target do such a sweet thing and to remember my beautiful client doing the same. I suppose in a world where there is so much hate and so many sad things happening, I really appreciate the little moments that are pure bliss.

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