Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This was at a park...

My hubby manages to find soda anywhere. ANYWHERE. I read this book awhile back and amongst other things I learned I got this, soda is really bad for you.

Basically it's bad because of chemicals and blah, blah, blah. Read the book.

The Skinny Bitch

After reading it you'll want to throw away all your food and just ingest salad and tomatoes (organic, of course.)

My point...soda, right. So, there we are playing and laughing and galloping around the park, like we do, ya know. When I notice that the hubby is staring at something a little too long.

He starts walking.
He starts walking faster.
He starts sort of jogging.

I'm all like, John! What the barnacles are you doing (spongebob, remember)?

He's dedicated though.
He's not looking back.
He's on a mission.

Finally, he stops running and I realize it was for a soda vending machine. I did what anyone would do. I caught up to him and the kids, whipped out my camera and took that picture you see up there.

Boy do I love that man.
Seriously, love him lots.


  1. oh man, bonnie!I have that book! It totally freaked me out when I first read it! It seriously made me want to live in bottled water the rest of my life. I just love how they are so matter-of-fact in the book and they don't sugar coat ANYTHING. Love it!

  2. I know! They really don't beat around the bush, AT ALL. But they get their point across and I sure learned a thing or two!

  3. Hey I FOUND You! Okay don't mean to stalk but you added me to your sidebar there and people have clicked over and I noticed and I clicked back.. and voilá! here I am.. :)

    Okay it looks like you might be living my alternate life here.. right down to the hubby who can find soda anywhere and a strange love affair with the skinny bitch book ( I totally want the recipe book) oh.. and the LDS thing??

    Course you rock the photography world and I STILL don't have an SLR... sigh.. dreaming...

  4. Hey Carissa! Glad you did find me! And also good to hear my hubby's not the only one that can sniff a soda out pretty much wherever we go.