Monday, July 6, 2009

Because when you're young...

You pretty much think your invincible.

I did.

But then you get married, have a couple kids, all of a sudden, realize a lot of things can happen. Things that you never really thought about. Can I share with you the blogs I've come across lately? Well, I'm not going to link you to them but the content is...

Baby girl choking on piece of apple the size of a dime.
Baby boy dying in crib of SIDS.
Baby girl drowning in hot tub, when cover was supposedly on.
Baby girl getting hit by a car that Dad was driving.

And unfortunately I could go on and on. It's depressing. I don't know how I find this stuff. Seriously, it just happens because a blog I read might call attention to another blog and I click over to it and suddenly I am sobbing staring at my monitor.

This weekend I edited this beautiful girls senior session. She gave me hope. She was wonderful on our session a couple of weeks back and I was so impressed. It did me good to spend time with a person who is just starting out in life and has the whole world at her fingertips. A person who's last worry in the world is that of her son choking on a piece of hot dog (veggie one for me, please).

It made me wonder though, when exactly do we lose that spunk? When do we become so aware of money and consequences that we don't dare get out of our comfort zones? Does that happen to everyone? Are you someone reading this blog going, "I have seven kids and I skydive regularly, what you talkin' 'bout girl!" If you are, just ignore this entire post. I speak to those who just kind of are cruising through life. Just going from day to day without much of anything too "out there". Like I have, as of late.

I've been feeling like this for a couple months now but this morning when I got done editing her session, I went to read up on NieNie. Her post today made me realize that the fact that I even have the privilege to be cruisin' through life should make me happy and grateful. It's my fault if I'm bored. I should feel grateful that with a few things in my day, that feeling would go away. But for Nie, it's not so easy.

Feeling grateful is a good thing. I must remember to feel that way more often.


  1. Bonnie,

    I totally understand how you feel. At least I can empathize with you.I never really had that worry free childhood. My mom was a hopeless drunk, my dad was old and sick and I spent the time from age 10-16 caring for him while he died a slow an painful death. Don't misunderstand, I feel like the things I learned in childhood have helped me be the well adjusted (try not to laugh) adult that I am. Just be grateful that you are there with your children, that you can take care of them every day and kiss them. Every day is important and its hard for us busy moms to remember that. And QUIT reading those sad blogs!

  2. I know! I just have got to stop reading those sad, sad blogs! But they sure do make me feel grateful and have serious sympathy for people that are going through hard times.