Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July, seriously

Didn't I just celebrate the New Year like eight days ago? No, I didn't. More like six months ago. What the...?

Okay then, July is here. Half the year is gone and have we changed much since January?

Let's see.

John (the big one):
still has a good job
still loves me and the kids, A LOT
still a football FREAK
still likes Micheal Vick

still photographing people
still love my kids and hubby, A LOT
still can't stop watching trashy reality TV
still like to facebook (will that ever end? Yes it will.)

John (the little one):
still runs around like a superhero
still loves me and the fam, A LOT
still a Spiderman FREAK
still likes to swim, A LOT

still screams ALL OF THE TIME
still loves me and the fam, A LOT
still can't get enough of green beans
still likes to run around naked

Nope. Not much has changed. Well, some things have but nice to see some things just don't.

The End.

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