Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The pool opens up

And Mela made this face for about the first ten minutes.

Then daddy did this...

and she started to play and not mind the water.
She played like this for a few minutes before we put a life jacket on her that was so thick it didn't even let her bend over to get the balls anymore.
It made us all laugh watching her. We're awful, I know.
But better than her drowning, right?
I really must by her a suit like her brother's.
Toys R Us, here we come.

Oh, and my son, he did this the whole time. I don't think he got more than his big toe wet.
That water you see on his face is sweat.
Poor child.

I think I scared him with my, "if you ever go up to the pool by yourself, water will get in your nose and mouth and you won't be able to breathe and you DIE!" talk.
Better safe than sorry.

More from our weekend tomorrow.


  1. 2 totally adorable babies!!
    and the pictures are usual.

  2. these are fun pool pictures. the one with john and mela i think is really cool cause you can see the water to the side and the one with mela and the ball is so cute.

  3. Our boys totally have the same hair!!! Your kids just keep getting cuter!