Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A photo session with the Meanest Mom!

Do you know who she is? If not, go check out her blog. I guarantee she will have you laughing.
Her writing is excellent and her take on motherhood is totally refreshing.
It was awesome to be able to do this session.

Go to my photography blog to see more of Jana and her beautiful family!


  1. Kudos to you for photographing her family! I read her blog everyday and laugh my butt off. It feels like you photographed a celebrity!

  2. Bonnie, you are a super star and I am officially jealous!

  3. my best friend is a celebrity!

  4. Ha! Yeah right! I just like taking pictures, you know...Bonnie Loves Pictures and all.

  5. You are so awesome! I love her blog...she is so funny!
    Have you seen the response to her give away? Wow! You are a wanted girl!

  6. sorry I've been MIA on the commmenting. things have been nuts.

    I loved this session. I'm really impressed with all your images and editing! they look great!