Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We went and got scared

So Lindsay and I got all brave and went downtown.
As it turns out, we're not that brave.
Every guy that looked a little strange and stared at us a little too long freaked us out.
Made us walk faster and sweat because both of us were pushing humongo double strollers.
Anyhow, we did find a little courtyard and let the kids run wild.

Here are the girls.
Cuties they are.

And here's my first born.
He's too cool for mom sometimes.
Can you tell by his face?

And here's "K".
She was really rockin' those pj's.

And here's my son again.
My son and all his awesomeness that his mother loves so much.

And Mela was trying really hard to run into the street.
I kept telling her that wasn't such a good idea.
Actually it was more like, "Mela vengase Mija!"
Translation: Get over here girl!

And then the most gorgeous trees.
Gorgeous I tell you!

This wall was cool. But the tree makes it really cool.
Wall, say thank you to the tree.

Then we went to a park and Mela got an awesome hairdo.
It's called static fro.

Good times.


  1. static fro is the best!

    i don't know why you're scared, you could kick a creepy dude's you-know-what any day. and i'm not just saying that. you know you actually could.

    beautiful pictures, as always.

  2. i really love that picture of "k". the one of emelia's on the slide is so funny.

  3. I love the urban landscape pic of the flag painted on the brick wall. Lovely stuff.

  4. love the pics! hate the word verification. See, I told ya I have an opinion on everything. LOL