Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He saved my babies

My little man plays firefighter (or like he says, fireman) almost daily. It goes something like this.

J: Mom, can you put the babies in the fire (his room, on his bed)

Me: Sure. (I do it. Making sure the light in his room is ON)

J: OK, now sit at the computer chair and tell me you can't find your babies.

Me: (while sitting at the computer chair with my hands in the air) Fireman! Fireman! I can't find my babies! Can you help me?

J: (rolling his eyes acting like he's really cool) Sure.

He goes over to his bedroom door, breaks it down with his plastic axe and saves my babies.

Then we do it again like 571 times.

I love it.


  1. That's soo cute. I used to think kids only played Dr. Now my eyes have been opened. Our dog just chewed our "spicy" toothpaste and I asked the girls how she got it. There reply.. we were playing! Atleast they're brushing more often right? Your kids r so darn cute!! They should be on commercials!

  2. haha I laughed so hard. I love how little kids can turn anything into a fun game!