Friday, March 27, 2009

I still love to wear them

Remember this? I posted about these house slippers back in December.
They're still comfy and I still love to wear them.
The kids and I were hanging out playing outside a few days ago.
You can see John over there dressed up.
As Spiderman, of course.

Do you want to know what happened right after I took this picture?

My dog and I got into it.
Taos was insisting that I take his picture.
I told him no.
Told him I was trying to take a picture of John.
I told him to stop being so vain.
He always wants to be in front of the camera.
He was not happy with me.
Not happy at all.
Just look at what he did.

Straight up gave me his rear end.
Guess he was really mad.
Ungrateful I tell you!

Later on that day:
I gave my dog a bacon strip treat.
All was forgotten.


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