Thursday, August 12, 2010


My sister from another mother, Britt, sent me this video when I was having a hard time going to the movies alone. And after watching it I started to think...

Though I am glad for every single person in my life that loves me and that I get to love back,
I still yearn for what it would have felt like to live on my own.
To have lived my life just for myself and make what I wanted of it.

To fall and get up and say I did it, I survived.
For me and by myself and because I had to and wanted to.

I think there's something powerful about experiencing life on your own.
To truly feel the beatings and the love and the fun and the hardships that life
will give you and just soak it all in for yourself.

I see the strength you gain from surviving on your own in my mom.
I see it in Britt. The confidence you have after you have lived
and figured it out all on your own.

Because I got married at barely eighteen and now have two amazing babies,
I will never experience this living on your own business.
And I'm okay with that because my life is pretty freakin' sweet, all things considered.

But to the women in my life that show me how it's truly done,
I love you.

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  1. i'm speechless. in awe, as usual. you're the greatest. i love you.