Tuesday, August 3, 2010

about two more weeks left...

My boy starts pre-k in about two weeks. From about 8 am to 2pm. The thought of him not being around to play with us all day or to help me in the kitchen or to watch movies with Mela or to paint and color with me in the afternoon is just, well, really sad.

I will be happy to watch him make new friends and to see him grow and learn and mature. But I'm not going to say it's been easy on me. Yesterday afternoon, when telling the hubby about the school orientation, I started to cry.

Real tears.
Out of nowhere.
Uncontrollably crying.
Like the unattractive kind of cry.

Yup, that was me yesterday. But than I thought about next year, and how sad I'll be when he starts Kindergarten and I stopped crying. Because next year?

I'll be one hot mess on the first day of Kindergarten.

One hot mess who will be oh so proud and happy for her little one. I'm just going to miss him, is all.

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  1. Eli's first day of Kindgergarten was hard on me too. I know what you mean. The teacher stopped me at the door, Eli waved and walked in. I wasn't even sure if he noticed or cared that I wasn't there anymore. I turned and walked home, I got a little teary eyed but I was okay. YOu will be okay too :)