Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last night...

Yesterday was a long, long day. The hubby had a bit of a hard time at work and came home hours late. Which means we were at home waiting. The kids asking and asking, again and again, when daddy was coming home. There was more fighting than usual among my little ones and that never makes for a fun time.

But than daddy got home.
We had lunch.
The babies loved each other again.
Water balloon fights were had.
Ice cream was gobbled up by all.
Movies on the tv while the kids played.

And before I knew it, it was bedtime. And the kids put up a good fight. Mela, being the one that usually is easy at bedtime, went to bed two hours after my first attempt.

But than everyone was in bed, including my hubby.
And I went off to walk the dog while the sun was quickly going down.
When I got back home, I had a text from my best friend, Britt.
I called her, and we talked.

And for over an hour, I laid on my back patio with Taos laying next to me, and I watched the airplanes fly by, and listened to my Britt. Soaking up every word she was saying, loving the fact that we were spilling our guts out. Hoping that she could feel my love for her. Wishing we weren't always thousands of miles away.

Eventually I made my way to bed. And I thought about the fights that day, and the Mela drama. And of Britt and I, and how grateful I am for our friendship. And the last thing I remember is hearing Taosy snore.

And I think that was a pretty good day.

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