Thursday, May 13, 2010

A converstaion with him...birds and bees?

John: Mommy?
Me: Yeah, babe?
J: How exactly did Mela get in your belly and than get out of your belly?
Me: Um, ....................
J: I mean, I know she didn't come out of your belly button!
Me: You're right, she didn't.
J: So, how did she come out than?
Me: (taking in a deep breath, while freakin' out) Well, see when mommy and daddy....
J: Oh, look! Spongebob is on!! (And he runs off)
Me: Yay!! Spongebob is on!! Yay!!! Thank goodness!! Have fun watching son!!!

I was so not ready to have the birds and bees talk. What the heck, he's only four years old. Don't I have like ten more years?

Apparently not. Geez.


  1. Oh no. No you don't. Sorry, sister. Get ready for it.

  2. That's too funny! You're so cute!