Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day two...UPDATED

It is about 11 am and so far I'm going strong! I'm not really hungry or having any cravings. That makes me so happy.

Little notes: Last night after I drank my laxative tea, I felt really good and relaxed. But this morning I did have some cramping and it lasted for maybe an hour. I think I might try a different tea today. Also, I did have a little bit of a headache last night. Nothing major at all. But I was expecting that as it is common the first few days.

Other than that, I'm doing really good! I will update tonight on how the rest of my day went!

UPDATE-10:00 pm

I made it through another day! I'm happy to report that today I had no headaches at all. I was a tad bit more hungry than yesterday but I think that's because I drank too much of my lemonade early in the day and didn't space it out properly. And also, I cooked a big pot of spaghetti for my family and it smelled so good that I was a little tempted but only for a few moments, surprisingly.

One of the most rewarding things so far about this is, is how much my mood has improved. I'm amazed at how much more patience I've had with my kids these past two days. I don't know if certain things that I'm eating normally are making me have mood swings or what but I've definitely been more relaxed lately. I was sure that doing this cleanse (and not being able to eat the yummy food I love to enjoy) was going to make me so grumpy! I'm happy the total opposite is happening.

Day two...check!


  1. So, do you eat anything at all, or just drink the 'lemonade' mixture?

  2. You don't eat or drink anything else but the lemonade mixture, water, and your herbal laxative tea. I though this was going to be so hard but I'm really surprised at how easy this is going for me. Though I noticed that a lot of people say that about doing this cleanse. Maybe it's because you do get quite a bit of calories from the maple syrup, not sure.