Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My boy's learning how to...

Write. It's amazing, really. I remember when I first walked around with my first born. Everyone, especially those sweet old ladies, would tell me (warn me, actually),"They grow so fast! Enjoy every second!" But when you're a new mom and you barely have time to shower (right? Or was that just me?), you think, yeah right! This baby and I have a LONG way to go! Though I did genuinely enjoy every moment with my little John when he was first born, the thought of him ever really being a "big boy" was so far away from my reality. Now, well, I've arrived in "big boy land". I am officially just a mommy to one little girl, and one BIG boy. It's great and scary all at the same time. Pre-K is this year. Kindergarten next year. WHAT? But I will not waste time wishing I had my little baby boy back, I want to enjoy him how he is now.

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