Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Birthday-23 years

Today marks the day that 23 years ago my mom brought me into this world. I spoke with my mom a couple of days ago. She cried in remembering the day I came into her life. If it wasn't because I have children that I love like she loves me, I probably would wonder why my mom was crying two days before my birthday. But I do have kids that I adore and cherish. I completely understand why she was moved to tears at the thought of her only daughter's birthday. We are far away from each other this year. That's hard on both of us. There are only a few birthdays that I have not spent with my mother.

I have heard people say before that birthday's should celebrate the person that was born, of course, but it should also celebrate the mother that carried and gave birth to said person.
I couldn't agree more.

Mom, you gave me life and loved me even though your life when I arrived wasn't exactly the best. You have never thought of yourself or your needs before mine and now that I'm a parent, I realize what a big deal that is. You are an incredible abuela to my kids, which is like the best gift I could ask for.

And so, today I celebrate my birthday, but I celebrate my mother too.


  1. Happy Birthday to you! I also wanted to tell you that I met your Mother at Karla's baby shower the other week and she is just the sweetest lady! And she misses you A LOT, so come home! :D

  2. oh my goodness you are still a baby!