Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Her face says it all

A few days ago I let my kids go out and play in the rain. Mela's face says it all. From the looks of it (like Mela screaming with joy) you would think my poor kids don't EVER go outside. But I assure you they do. I guess this time Mela just had to get up and shout about her excitement.
That's why I love her, the drama oozes out of her.

So, we always take a ball outside and my kids ALWAYS end up fighting over it. If I took out 76 balls outside with us, I promise they would still fight over the same ball.

John won the fight this time (Mela holds her own, don't worry) and threw the ball only to have Taos race him to it. This also happens all the time.

I love that it does.

I secretly think that because John always takes things from Mela, and we all know how tight Mela and Taos are, Taos in return takes them away from John. Whatever, it could happen.

And then this picture. THIS PICTURE! Her little lips, her chubby cheeks, my goodness she's delicious.

And this little man. How it's possible to love him so much is beyond me.

More posts coming soon, okay Britt?


  1. I can NOT get over her turtle face! It makes me soooo happy! And your son is just the most gorgeous thing ever. AHHH I need to see them in person soon and give them lots of kisses!!! MORE MORE MORE!

  2. so so cute! both of your kids are adorable! Taos too!

  3. These pictures are to die for. Love them. Especially the last one.