Monday, July 20, 2009

He talked to her first...

My son is a child that is extremely shy. He is a total loner. If you know us you know he doesn't really talk much and he NEVER gives hugs to anyone but mom, dad, and Mela. When asked to play by other kids at a park or anywhere really, he always refuses. Usually it's with a scowl just to make sure the poor kid asking gets the hint that he wants nothing to do with him or her. I always feel bad. People probably think I keep the kid in a dungeon and only take him out once a year. Good grief. But...

You can imagine my surprise today, when at Target, I noticed he was rather friendly with every person that talked to him or smiled at him. When checking out, he said to our cashier (he talked to her first, mind you), "Hi, how are you?" Please picture my eyes wide open and my jaw dropping at record speeds. The friendly cashier answers while smiling, "I'm good, honey. How are you?" My son answers while rubbing his chin with his index finger and thumb, "I'm actually doin' pretty good, thanks." At this point the cashier starts giggling and I can't hardly believe what just happened.

I am aware a lot of kids are super outgoing and talkative, but not MINE. So, maybe he's getting over being shy. Maybe he's not at all and today was a fluke. But either way, he sure did make my day with his friendliness. And I think he gave the cashier a few laughs as well.

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