Thursday, June 11, 2009

There's just something about him

Something about this kid that makes me crazy with love for him.
Even with the yelling and screaming he's been doing lately, it doesn't matter.
I forget about all the drama he creates as soon as he goes to bed and I get to kiss his cheeks while he sleeps like an angel. Like my angel.
Besitos papa, we love you.


  1. oh man, do i ever know what you mean. there's something about little boys that make their moms just fall in L-O-O-O-O-V-E. or at least our little boys. i miss him so much. tell him his aunt butt loves him.

  2. well little boys will always be moms boy..
    even when they are almost 30.

    i always tell people there is something about little boys!

  3. how could you not love that face!