Friday, May 22, 2009

Tired of being tired

After having my first child, I was tired. The nursing, the changing of diapers, the spit-up, yeah I was so tired. But then I had my second child, being tired took on a whole new meaning. Leaving me to wonder, how does anyone with more than two kids SURVIVE?! Oh, the drama. I must sound so dramatic right now. Go ahead, roll your eyes, laugh at me. But really, I'm tired, and I ain't gonna lie about it.

All that said, that pretty much explains my week. Tired. I had multiple photo sessions (yay!), I had my one-year-old clinging on to my leg all of the time (really, ALL OF THE TIME), and I can't stop thinking (and obsessing) about the fact that my mother is coming to visit in less than a month. Holy cow I am so excited to see my mama!

All this and that pretty much explains my week. So glad Friday is here. I live for the weekends, remember?


  1. I hear ya....I cannot imagine having two kids! Man that sounds really overwhelming to me right now. I'll stick with one for the time being. :)

  2. I'm tired along with you sister! And I don't do photo shoots! HA! Two kids is a lot to take on and I seriously have a soft place in my heart for those who have more than two...:D