Sunday, May 10, 2009

Something happened today...

Just so you know, it's a sad story, but a somewhat happy ending.
Either way, I almost can't help but write this.

Today started out totally normal.
John and I took the kids to the park. We played, we had a great time.
On our way home, we were almost to our street to turn left,
when we saw quite a few cars stopped.
You know you always think it's an accident when cars are stopped and people are standing around or cars are driving by slowly to observe what's going on.
Well, we saw debris all over the ground and were about two cars behind the first car that was trying to get around the group of people that were on the right side of the road, on my right side, the passenger side.
John said he was going to get out to see if he could help, so he did.
I ran around and got in the driver's seat. He told me to just go home.
He knows how affected I get when I see someone hurting or an animal suffering.
We were close enough to our house that he easily could have walked home if I would have left with the kids.
I didn't listen.
I couldn't leave.
I turned left onto a street that was directly across from Her.
She was laying on the ground.
Five or six people around Her. She looked to be about fifty years old.
It was a motorcycle accident. Her motorcycle was in pieces, actually it was broken in half.
John was helping get the big pieces of debris off the road because cars were just driving over it and him and another guy were afraid the pieces were going to bounce around and hit someone. They were doing that until a police officer came and yelled at them to stop.
They needed everything left alone to investigate.
There was a lady there among the other four people that were standing around Her.
She was wearing a hat that looked like a fishing hat.
She was in control.
She told the older man that was giving Her CPR to, "keep going" and "come on, she needs it."
I admire her.
Do you know what I did?
I got out of the car, walked a few feet over to John , who was also across the street with the other guy that had helped move debris off the road,
and I dropped to my knees and started praying.
I didn't even think about it.
Didn't think about how stupid I may or may not look.
Didn't think about anything, really.
I just instinctively dropped down and prayed harder than I ever have.
I asked Heavenly Father to help her.
I asked Him to save her.
I asked Him to help her husband who had also been on a motorcycle and was now
walking around completely at a loss as to what he should do.
Not but one minute later, the ambulance got there.
The lady in the fishing hat was saying that she was a minister.
She told the police officer, "she was dead but we brought her back."
I cried when she said that.
I cried really hard.

I'm almost crying now just writing that.
I don't know Her. I don't know anything about Her.
But we are all part of this Human family, and it hurts me so much to hear or see someone or something suffering.
It's almost a curse.

When the ambulance got there they parked right next to me.
They flew across the street and John helped me on my feet and said we needed to go.
I told him I needed to see her get in the ambulance.
But then I couldn't stand it anymore and I got in the passenger side and we drove off.

I got home and just cried.
John hugged me.
Told me everything would be okay.
Told me She had started to breathe and that She would be okay.
I couldn't stop thinking about Her.
I told John I wanted to go to the hospital and take Her flowers.
Like stupid flowers would mean anything.
Like stupid flowers would make Her pain go away.
But I couldn't think of what else to do.
And not doing anything wasn't an option.
Thankfully there's only one hospital that they could have taken Her to.
The other hospital around is small and doesn't do as much as the bigger hospital.

We went to the grocery store and I bought a little bouquet of white carnations.
I wasn't going to buy a card but I wanted to say something to Her.
So I bought a white card that had an embossed silver rose on the front.
I didn't know if She was alive or not.
But either way, maybe Her family would appreciate it.
I wrote in the card on the way to the hospital.
I won't say what I wrote but I just wanted to tell Her that I was praying for Her
and that people were thinking of Her and Her family and hoping that everything would be as good as it could be.

We got to the hospital and first I went to the information booth that's in the main entrance.
I told the receptionist what had happened and that I wanted to give Her the flowers and card somehow.
I knew they wouldn't let me do it or tell me any information about Her
but maybe Her nurse could deliver it.
The receptionist had sympathy in her eyes when I told her the story.
Her tone of voice changed and she smiled when I walked away.
She sent me to the ER entrance, told me they were the ones that could help me.
I went to the ER front desk.
The young nurse heard my story too and asked if the lady in the accident was an older lady?
I confirmed that She was and she said she would give the flowers and card to Her nurse.
I said thank you and was about to walk away when I just had to ask.
I asked the young nurse if She was okay.
She looked right at me and said, "yes, she's going to be okay."

I smiled and felt an enormous weight lift from my shoulders.
I walked out of the ER room and cried but this time because I was so happy.
I'm sure She's in pain and maybe has broken bones or worse.
But hearing that She was going to be okay, or that She was still living made
me feel so happy for her husband.
The man that was in utter shock walking around lost and confused at the scene.
Happy for Her, She maybe was going to live and be happy.

I realized when I was on my knees praying, begging Heavenly Father to save Her,
that God does exist.
I have been having a hard time lately.
Hard time wrapping my head around all the evil that occurs in this world.
Wrapping my head around the children that get hurt by horrible people.
It overwhelms me and makes me sad and angry.

But when I saw Her laying there, and I saw all those good people giving it their all to save Her,
I knew at that very second that Heavenly Father was already there.
He was already there, with those people.
He helps us through the help of others.
This may sound obvious to others, but I've been waiting my whole life for that moment.
That moment when you know,
He lives,
He loves us,
He wants to help us,
He wants us to be happy.

I now know.
Thank goodness,
I now know.

We may not know Her name, but pray for Her, Heavenly Father does know Her name.


  1. I'm speechless. That's beautiful.

  2. Oh my! I Love you Bonnie, thank you!

  3. That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I needed to hear that today.