Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mommy and no pictures!

A lot of things made this post come together.
First I read this post.
I loved the picture of the little boy so I clicked on the link of this person who took the picture.
I then started reading her blog and found this tear jerking post.
Did you go read that tear jerking post?
You should because not only will this post make better sense if you do, but because it's just simply wonderful.
Combine all of the above with the fact that I just finished a project for Mother's Day (can't say what because a certain mother reads my blog), and I had not one picture of me and my kids together. I have only one picture of our family. It was taken last Christmas.
That tear jerking post made me seriously reconsider this, never-taking-pictures-of-me-and-my kids-because-I'm-not-totally-happy-with-my-looks, business.
You never know what could happen.
Just like in Aleida's case.
But even if nothing horrible happened and you lived to be 105 years young, don't you still want pictures of you and your children?
Won't your kids also want pictures of you with them?
All of that, and I have come up with this,

Mommy and Me sessions.

Go here to see what it is.


  1. wow.. that's all too true and how tragic! how do u find all these blogs?

  2. You're are a BEAUTIFUL girl and mom!! You need to share that. My mom was great at taking pictures of our family - we have so many books floating around at mine and my siblings house but it's so sad that she's in very few of them because she was the one always busy with the camera - so let your hubby take charge and get some of you and your darling kids! I know I'd love to see them! I know all too well about not wanting pictures taken (EVER!) but you're a lovely, young mom with beautiful children and these photos you can cherise forever and ever!

    Love - Kate