Monday, April 20, 2009

We went and played

It's a quiet afternoon.
We're sitting around bored.
The kids are practically falling asleep.
It's only 4pm.
John, the big one, grabs a soccer ball and announces we're going to the park.
The kids get all excited (well, mostly John, the little one).
We go to said park.
This happens and I'm lucky enough to catch it.

Um, yeah, my heart just melted.

This would be a photo of Mela hoggin' the ball.
She did that the whole time.
Please imagine our one year old NOT letting go of the ball
and my three year old yellin' about her not sharing this apparently incredible ball I speak of.
It went over swell.

Then I'm laying on the ground (as I often do with my camera) and I see these walk by.

Those feet belonged to him and when he saw me with the camera for like the 925th time that day, he gave me the classic-get lost-face.

I don't take it personal.

Click here to see Mela's mini session.


  1. you have a great eye! And that cliche that a picture is worth 1,000 words is so true, especially with these pics! love 'em!
    ps: found you on mormon mommy blogs

  2. oh my gosh, i love your blog! you are awesome!

  3. um that could be my favorite picture of john (the little one) ever. i mean really, ever.