Tuesday, April 7, 2009

She is so cool

Looking at this picture still makes me laugh. My little Mela is just totally fine cruising in a Power Wheel Mustang...all by herself! Well, with this lovely little girl but not with mommy is what I mean. John would have DIED if I would've made him ride anything remotely similar when he was a year old.

I mean her face even oozes coolness.
Just look at it. Do you see it too?

Look at John. He's more concerned about the ride than Mela is.
You see what I mean? It's hilarious to me.

This is all at my friend Sarah's house. She has two adorable little girls and this is "I" driving around in the Mustang. Cute I say. So very cute.

After hanging out at her house we walked to a park.
Mela got a makeover.



Sarah I had a blast hanging out last week. We must do it again soon.

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  1. That was too much fun! We've gotta do it again soon!