Saturday, April 11, 2009

One hot mess

Please take a look at this picture:

When looking through my pictures today (one of the many times) I saw this one.
I immediately noticed that my children were looking quite interesting on this day.

Take notice that:

-Mela is wearing a Halloween shirt in April (not close to October at all) that is orange with white stripes and bonus, it has a huge black cat across the front.
-Then not only is she wearing a Halloween shirt in April but it's really tight because, well, Halloween was kind of a long time ago when you're only a year old.
-Paired with that she has on polka dot pants. They're multicolored polka dots. Nuff said.
-And one more thing, her shoes not only don't match with anything she has on but they're on backwards. The sad part about that is that she's too little to have done it herself. The hubby not being home=I did it.

Now John is not too bad.
Except he's also wearing Halloween attire. But that's an every day thing. The saddest thing about this Spiderman costume is that you can't close the back of it. You can't close it at all. The velcro is totally worn out. Maybe he likes the fresh air he gets back there. Can't blame him. It is getting warmer out.

I plan to make this picture black and white and when I move back home (like in a hundred years) I'm hanging it up somewhere.

This picture is so who we are on a daily basis.

Scatterbrained, happy, and together.


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! You are the best Bonnie!

  2. hahahah bradley wore his spiderman costume until it wouldn't close in the back too.