Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh and our son...

Is finally potty trained. Big week for us. Mela can walk and now little John can finally stop using 15 diapers a day. Our bank account thanks him.

If you're reading on to hopefully get some tips about how I was able to "train" him, I'm sorry to say that I have none. Since three is the age that people start looking at you like your weird if your kid still uses diapers, I felt the pressure. When he turned three we tried getting him to use the bathroom by giving him M&M's and doing other things I had read about. He did not care.

So John, at 2 1/2 years old, had been interested in potty training when I was nine months pregnant with Mela. Um, I don't think so. Not the right time for me so therefore it didn't happen. He got over it in like three seconds so life went on. I didn't worry about it. I knew he would tell me when he was ready.

About two weeks ago he said he was tired of wearing a diaper. I had the McQueen underwear ready and the rest is history. Never gave him candy. Never gave him stickers or bribed him in any way. He just said he was done with diapers. And he meant it.

That's just like him. I love how intense he is about everything. He really loves people when he says it and he really gets hurt if people are mean to him. He only hugs those whom he's learned to love and it takes him awhile to trust kids that maybe hit him or were mean to him before. He plays with them again but I can tell how he is observing them and being so careful. Maybe that would bother other people but it makes him so beautiful in my eyes. I love that he tries to be sensitive to others and that he means what he says. I love him.

Potty training, check.

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  1. Pat yourself on the back, that's an accomplishment.