Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I guess it's movie review day...

This past week I watched two movies. One was good and was amazing.

First up:


I knew a few people that loved it but for the most part I got told not to waste my money and see it when it was in the movie theater (that's you Lindsay!).
Ironically the friend who told me not to watch it is the one that bought it and I watched it at her house, on the computer, while ignoring my children.
Maybe my expectations were so low that I went in totally expecting to hate it and found it entertaining. I get that the acting isn't so great but for the most part it was good stuff. The books were a zillion times better but the movie was still fun. Although Charlie didn't convince me as a dad. I kept yelling, "He looks like a creepy uncle!"

Now...this movie was AWESOME.


Oh my, oh my, oh my. Now this movie everyone was raving about. We got a date night and I told John we had to go see why people were lovin' on this movie.
HOLY COW! It was intense and the acting was incredible.
I love Liam Neeson, can you say Love Actually? But he was equally great in this movie.
Totally confirmed why I am a freak about letting my kids go anywhere!
If you've seen it, tell me you were yelling at the mom in the movie.
I couldn't believe what she was letting her daughter do.
I don't even let my kids in church go to the bathroom alone!
And now I know that me being paranoid is the right way to go.
That and we are NEVER going to Paris.

The End.


  1. i'll have to check them out!

    p.s. I can't look at your photo blog-it's set to private!

  2. como tengo la paswood o lo que sea para ver tu pagina de fotografia no me dejes afuera jajaj

  3. twilight was SUUUUCH an awesome guilty pleasure! (do NOT tell the people on my snobby cinema forums that i said that. or taso.) and i better just skip taken all together.

    but seriously, quit being such a freak. it's not paris' fault that mom was retarded!