Monday, March 23, 2009

He looked right at me and said...

"I hate when people say that."

I had no idea what the hubby was talking about.
We were in the car and the only other people with us were the kids.
I had just said, "I don't know, I'll google it."
His response to that was, "I hate when people say that."

My hubby is really nice. No, you're not understanding. Like, really nice.
That's one of the things I love about him.
He feels bad if he hangs up on a telemarketer. Always says, "they're just trying to work."
Don't get me wrong. He has his days and things that get him going.
Like mess with me or the kids and he transforms into this giant that's out to protect us.
But for the most part, he's really chill.
When he says the word hate, he really means it.

So when his response to me saying I'd google something was that he hates when people say that, I was a little confused. Apparently he hates when people say they're going to google something.

I had no idea he felt that way. Imagine my shock. Doesn't everyone say they're going to "google" something.

We then had a debate about whether you can indeed google something and if it's even considered a real word.

He says it's just the search engine and that you don't hear people saying, "I'm going to yahoo that."

I looked it up on They acknowledge it as a verb. So if I go by that...

I win. Right?

But when I type, spell check says I'm wrong.

Get with it spell check! Get with it!

Because I'm winning this one.