Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Mela turns ONE today

This day came really fast. I still can't quite believe she is a year old now. I got stuck somewhere around six months. Alas, the day is here and I want to tell you my five favorite things about Mela even though there's really like 12,671,567 things I love about her.

  1. She has an awesome spirit and you can see it when you look at her. Anywhere we go people want to pet her head or make her laugh or just talk to her. And she doesn't cry when they do that or look away. She smiles back and waves and smiles. Old ladies practically jump for joy when she reciprocates the love.

  2. Her cheeks. They make my day a better day. I squeeze them and kiss them and tell her just how cute they are all day long. It seriously adds happiness to my day that I get to do that.

  3. She opened up this whole other side of my hubby. He can't stand to hear her cry and he can't help but smile when she looks at him. She wants him to hold her when he's here and it melts my heart when I see them in their little world. I am so grateful for the love my hubby has for both our children.

  4. She is feisty. Really feisty. It's her way and her world so get on board people! I will seriously have to reign that in soon but for now I get to see myself in her(because we all know that's were she gets it from) and just laugh.
  5. Her smile and dimples. Oh my goodness they are delicious! Her smile is contagious and her dimples just add to the beauty of it all.

Happy Birthday Emelia!


Mom, Dad, John and Taos


  1. Emelia Bedelia - Happy 1st to the cutest little girl! Hope you move closer soon so we can see you. We miss you lots. Hope you and your family have a great weekend at the beach and that today was special, mostly for your folks, because you and Little John are too young to remember, but you have a great mom that takes great photos of everything so you'll have it all to look at when you're older. Love Kate