Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lazy, I'm lazy today

I want to lay around and just cuddle with my kiddos. Of course they're way too busy to do that so that leaves me lazy and with nobody to cuddle with since the hubby's at work. Oh well, I should really get to that pile of clothes that's screaming to be washed anyway.

All this laziness got me thinking of when the hubby and I were newlyweds. Oh the days of laying around childless! We worked our little not-so-important jobs and John was trying to finish his bachelor's. Our first apartment was as big as the shoebox my boots came in but we so didn't care. I remember eagerly waiting for the weekend so that we could just be together. Watch movies, eat out, and just do absolutely nothing if we felt like it. Now our lives are run by two little bundles of yumminess(aware that's probably not a word). The part about eagerly waiting for the weekend is still true though and the time John and I spend alone together now is more precious. So all in all I should really thank my children. They make life so interesting. And they prevent me from not being productive at all like I'm so tempted to do today.

I'm off to tackle the pile of clothes that stares at me every single time I walk by.

I'm coming, I'm coming!

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  1. man newlywed life sounds blissful. it just occurred to me that i'll never experience that. i missed so many things that i'll never get back... but i guess that makes the other joys in life that much more special, like you were saying.

    also, mela's tongue is so funny!