Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just in case you wanted to know...

I know everybody is doing it but admit it, you like to read them. I know I do.
25 things about me...

  1. After straightening it for years and years I now love my wavy hair.

  2. I don't really like kids. I LOVE mine, duh. I would jump in front of a car to save ANY child. But I don't particularly like kids.

  3. I love to read memoirs about people that have overcome something incredible. That or just a funny one.

  4. I carried my first born around in my arms practically twenty-four hours a day for his first six months of life. I slept in a rocking chair with him EVERY night for the first two. I miss it.

  5. I HATE to be away from John, my hubby. Before we had kids we followed each other even into the bathroom. Maybe you're saying that's weird. We, however, will resume that behavior as soon as two little kids stop following us around.

  6. I have a sister that is not of my same blood. Her name is Brittan. We have lived apart for over ten years now. She is SO much more than a friend, she is the sister that I never had. I thank my lucky stars for our friendship daily.

  7. I don't like to cook. I wish I did. I REALLY wish I did. But it's just not in me. Cleaning, however, that I can do.

  8. I don't eat meat, eggs, and I don't drink cow milk. Please don't ask me, "OMG! What the heck do you eat?!" because I eat plenty. That's evident from the lack of lost baby weight.

  9. I cry when watching cheesy commercials. Yeah, even when I'm not pregnant.

  10. I love that I'm really short. Well, not when I'm still fat from having a baby but when not fat I love it.

  11. I met the love of my life at fifteen. Love of my life obviously being John, just sayin'.

  12. I recently discovered the world of photography and I love it. Now you know were every single extra penny I have is going. To new lenses! Well, not every single penny but kind of.

  13. I laugh really loud. In movie theaters it's embarrassing. I don't care though. I'm just glad to be laughing.

  14. I would rather go to a movie with John than do anything else. Really, it's our number one choice on any date night we might get. We take turns between movies like James Bond and Music and Lyrics. Bring on the popcorn and soda, of course. It's awesome.

  15. I can't wrap my head around ever having more kids. It just seems impossible to do. I am aware that some of you have four or five...or more kids so I sound ridiculous to you right now. But really, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to survive with more than two kids.

  16. My mom has become my best friend. I am so grateful for the love she has for me but especially the love she has for my kids.

  17. My biggest fear is bad people hurting me or my loved ones. I lock doors and windows obsessively.

  18. I sleep better when I go to bed late. I am rarely in bed before eleven...twelve if I'm honest.

  19. I HATE mushrooms. This sucks when you don't eat meat but I don't care. They're GROSS.

  20. I have a dog. His name is Taos. He is big and is not aware of just how much space he takes up. He makes me happy and I hope to have him around for at least the next ten years.

  21. I don't love chocolate as much as I used to. Sad but convenient.

  22. I am an only child. Because of Brittan I don't care. She's my sister and that's that.

  23. I moved a lot growing up. I think I went to like thirteen different schools. Maybe more.

  24. I love reading to my kids. They love it too.

  25. I have learned that being a mother is an honor. I am proud of being a mother. Even on those days when ripping my hair out actually seems like a good idea. I will miss it when I'm not THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in their little lives. They will always love me, I know, but eventually they will stop needing me every waking moment of their day. That's weird and a long time away but that day will come and I know it will be sooner than later.

The End.


  1. I hate mushrooms too! And I cry at cheesy commercials! You wouldn't believe how bad I get made fun of because of that.

    Brittan is very awesome. I loved this!

  2. we are so much alike, it's crazy. i love you and all the little things that make you you. and mushrooms are NOT gross.