Friday, January 23, 2009

It's only a month away...

Maybe I should wait to post this picture for Emelia's big ONE YEAR birthday so I can do what other moms do and recap the first year but I can't help myself. That and I have to find ways to rebel as an adult, right?
Anyhow, today has been a day of some serious lovin' on this little one.

All day today I can't help but squeeze and pinch her chubby cheeks and suffocate her with kisses. I do it until she smacks me and cries for me to PLEASE let her go. She's got places to crawl to and furniture to cruise on!

I feel her birthday getting closer and I just can't help but get all teary eyed! What a ridiculous mom I am. Go ahead and laugh, I understand. I mean it's not like she's going away to college for goodness sakes!

I have days were I fall in love with my kids all over again and I'm soooo grateful for those days because it's like I'm seeing them for the first time again and it makes waking up 103 times a night so much easier.

I love you my precious babies. Yes, I still call John my baby. So what?

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