Monday, January 26, 2009

I am a mom...

I should never, EVER get sick. I have little ones to take care of. There should be rules against such horrible things. Horrible things being my head wanting to EXPLODE and my eyes watering and let me not forget the part about coughing SO HARD that it makes my brain rattle. But my hubby, oh my dear hubby. Way to step up hon. Yesterday is when this whole feeling like H-E-double hockey sticks started. He cooked all the meals, kept the children away so I could rest, he made me hot lemonade(it really works!), he made me laugh to try and make me feel better, he even made brownies for dessert. But don't worry because he's not perfect. He did so much for me, yes he did. But I think he forgot to pick up after the kids for two days, what do you think?

It's all good because I don't care one bit. I had brownies and a lot of lovin'.


  1. I know what thats like! The whole sick thing and the house going to pot. Thats life! Enjoy the small things, thats all that matters really. :D

  2. Cute Bonnie I hope you feel much MUCH better. I am sending good thoughts your way!

  3. hahaha yes way to go John!

    I hope you are feeling somewhat if not completely better.

    I think head colds are by far worse than the flu. Not being able to breathe...stinks.

    cute pictures,BTW. it's so funny to see emelia getting big cause when I met her (and you) she was still in your belly kicking around. crazy how time goes. sorry I haven't commented, I haven't had much time to sit down.