Friday, January 9, 2009

I only met him once...

When I was one. One. I don't remember my abuelo(grandfather) but he is the one person that made good memories for my mother when she was growing up. My mom's childhood was rough(to say the least) and he made it easier on her. I love him for that. He's really ill right now and lives in El Salvador. That's far.

She needs to go see him. The doctors are saying he's not going to make it much longer. Tonight she said that it hurts. Her body and her mind are in pain.
I want to hug her like a mother hugs her child when they've scrapped their knee. I want her pain to go away. I've never lost anyone close to me. I've never seen anyone mourn a death. It's really sad.
Everyone dies at some point yet the pain is not numbed by that knowledge when it comes time to lose a loved one. My heart knows that it's losing someone that's a part of me.
I only had talks with my abuelo on the phone for birthdays and special days but I could tell he loved me.
My mom went to see my abuelo last year for the first time in twenty years. That was the last time he was completely conscious and normal. What a blessing that was. I will pray that he finds peace and that my mom will feel his love with her even if it's from far away.

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