Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For the enjoyment of...

our family and friends that adore Mela.
First up, her cheeks. They're like the cutest things I have EVER seen.
Segundo, the surprised face. It's almost more adorable than the next face:
The, oh come on and let me play with that pretty shiny camera in the water, face!
Next, she looks away and I capture her playful side. Perfect.

Then she smiles because that's basically how she spends her free time. Which, for a ten month old, is practically all her time.
P.S. Do you see the two top front teeth coming in?!

Then she stares at me and just opens those big brown eyes and I melt because they're just so pretty.

I leave you with the classic Mela smile. Cheeks chunky? Check. Eyes big and brown? Check. Mouth open and smiling? Check. Little teeth looking back at you? Check.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. i just want to kiss her all over her chubby little face. she is the perfect little girl.

  2. Where can I buy some dimples like that?