Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Intercourse...not that kind

I'm talking about the little town. It's so cute. John decorated a gingerbread man. Emelia ate everything that we thought was yummy. My hubby ate the BIGGEST cookie ever. I took pics and my mom enjoyed my babies. It was pretty much a great time had by all.
He has hair.
He didn't want to eat Gingerbread's head. Obviously he got over it.
Emelia had a cookie too. A very large cookie.
My mom loved the little singing people.
John's really big cookie that made him really happy because apparently they are "the best thing ever!"

She is so freakin cute!
John bought these little pretzel balls that I am convinced taste better than regular pretzels because of the circle shape. Whatever.

Gross or funny? I pick funny. You had to be there.

I am going to miss my mom so much. I know my son will too.

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  1. definitely funny. he's so hilarious! great pictures. i'm so glad your mom can be with you guys right now.