Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yes, we went to a farm show

I'm vegan 100% of the time except for when we go out to eat because almost everything has butter or cheese. I have been for a year now because last January we went to the farm show in PA and I could not believe how they keep the animals in small pens and the chickens in horrible little cages. When I got home that night I got online and researched how they slaughter and how they treat farm animals and I could not believe what I was seeing. They torture these poor animals their entire lives and the equipment to slaughter them is so poor because regulations are so bad, that when it is finally time for them to get killed for food they have to try multiple times and sometimes they get burned alive or beat to death. However, the farm show is like the zoo to me. I want my son to see these animals so that he can understand why his mommy and daddy (John is vegan at home too) do not eat these animals. If he never gets to see them up close he will never put a face to the lovely all American chicken nugget :) So, yes we went to the farm show but both John and I came out of there totally convinced once again as to why we are vegan. Thank you farm shows.

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