Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Back in Colorado

Wow it has been an exciting couple of weeks for us since we arrived in Colorado. For one thing our car broke down. It needed a new transmission. We were literally about three miles from my moms house after driving to Colorado for two days and we heard this BAM and the car huffed and puffed to my moms. How exciting, huh? Well then the weather has been strange. It's freezing one day and eighty degrees the next. But other than that we are doing good. John is eager to start school in August again. The process to apply for a master degree is becoming more difficult as we go but he is getting it done. I admire him, he always does what he has to do. It may take a while, but he always does what has to be done. The baby is doing great here! He is talking up a storm. He is FINALLY saying mama directly to me. He, of course, has been saying dada for months now but he finally is showing some love to his mama. He is happy to be hanging out with buddy, our shitzu poodle we left with my mom. They are the same size so they are always doing something questionable together. Although I think Buddy has figured out that if he hangs around the baby long enough eventually there will be some sort of food dropped on the floor for him to enjoy, thanks to a learning how to eat on his own toddler. My mom is very happy we are here. I must say though that I miss PA a lot. I especially miss Kay. My mother-in-law is so awesome and I miss her like a daughter misses her mom. We miss all our family in PA and all our friends. This move was good though and we are excited to get settled in. I will put up some pictures next time. Take care everyone and stay in touch.


  1. hey i just want you to know i love you so much. i'm sorry i wasn't coherent when you needed to talk... i was really trying. i love you, bon. no matter what you do in life, you are headed for great things, just remember how smart and strong and powerful you are. you will make all the right choices. your son is so lucky he got you for a mom. he has no idea. :) and i don't know how i got lucky enough to have you as a best friend.