Thursday, January 20, 2011

December 2003

Picture taken days before he proposed to me. December 2003. I love that I still wear John's Air Force hoodie to this day, so many years later. I love that scrappy was about a five year old dog in this picture and now she's gotta be around twelve. I love that you can see John's tattoo. We weren't even thinking about kids and the freedom was amazing. I still got my nails done every two weeks in those days. I can see they were red in this picture. I love that I know my mother-in-law took this picture. And this would be why I love photography. This one image made me feel so much.

Good times. Really.

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  1. Me alegro el saber que estan feliz, mi vida no esta muy bien pero me alegra el saber que personas importantes para mi estan contentos y tienen esa sonrisa en su rostro y en sus vidas. Te quiero mucho amiga.