Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 years and counting...

(John with his money birthday crown at school)

My son is now five years old. It happened Monday. As soon as he woke up, daddy and I had a special present for him and lots of hugs and kisses. He has announced that it is his birthday week, we're going along with it as I love that idea. Every morning we say happy birthday to him and he can't wait until Saturday when we have his actual party.

The hubs on papa's birthday also happened to find old tapes in the garage of little John on our first Christmas in our house, back in 2007. We all gathered around our old video camera and watched little John wake up on Christmas morning, a little chubby two year old. As soon as I saw him like that, like he used to be, my little baby, the tears came. Tears and a sad feeling as I realized that time is not going to stop. That he is only going to get older. That one day he will be 6 and then 9 and then 13 and then, well, too old for my liking.

But I also am so happy. So happy that I have an amazing five year old who makes me laugh and makes me crazy and makes me love being a mom, all at the same time. Having my son was and will remain the most incredible experience of my life. He was my first and I got to enjoy every single moment with him. I was just nineteen years old when I had him. And the hubs worked full time at night and went to school full time so it was just me and my little guy most of the time. So glad that it happened how it did. I soaked him up as much as possible and I'm beyond grateful that I was able to.

Son, our papa, we love you. You make our lives happy. You make us laugh. We love how you run around in costumes, constantly, always. The day you stop will be a sad one. We adore the way you talk, lisp and all. I hope that your relationship with Mela stays as sweet as it is now. Seeing you as a big brother these last two years has been a dream come true for me. Because of this and so much more, we love you baby.

Happy 5th Birthday, my son.


  1. happy birthday john! i can't believe he's 5! what a gorgeous, awesome kid. give him kisses from aunt britt.