Tuesday, September 14, 2010

just his undies

By 8:15 every morning now I am running around getting both kids ready so we can go drop off little John at school. I actually enjoy it, by the way. A lot. It's like instead of getting a late start because we all just lounge around and play till we get bored, now we all know our days start early and that's perfect.

But then we actually drop off papa. And Mela starts asking where her brother is and the tears fly out of her eyes like he just left us for the rest of time and there's no reasoning with her either. She's pure drama, that child, but the crying does eventually stop when I ask her where she wants to go, just with mommy. "Mela, wanna go see the fish (Bass Pro Shop), or go play at the park, or maybe Barnes and Noble?"And today she picked the fish. So we went to Bass Pro and walked around while she lead the way. She knew she was special right then and there and that the day was hers. I could tell. She got it today. Papa leaves, I get to have mommy all to myself, then we go get papa again. Great.

And let me just say that when I do finally go pick him up, it's heaven. I like to go pick him up alone so Mela stays with daddy. And I get more and more excited as I get closer to his school because I know we get to have him back after a long six hours of having him away from home. When I finally do pull up to his school I park, work my way through the crowd of kids and parents and find his door, his classroom, and my eyes dart from child to child trying to find my baby, my four year old among the many in his class. And then I find him and call out "Papa!" and
he knows it's his mama calling him because when he turns back to look at me he's already smiling. And damn it, so am I. He runs to me, we hug, and he immediately starts telling me about his day as we get in the car and drive home.

And my favorite, he walks in our house, throws down his backpack, and proceeds to strip down just to his undies. He does this every single day when he gets home from school. And I think it's awesome.

Whatever you need to do to relax, my son.
We're just glad you're back.


  1. That's awesome! Bonnie, you need to make one of those photo journal books and save all these fabulous posts for the next 50 years.

  2. Aww Jennie, you are so sweet :)

  3. Lol... That is awsome!!! Time just flys. I don't know how it's going to be when Gabriel starts school.

  4. Hey! My hubby does that exact same thing every day! Hehe. Men/Boys, you just love them. Cute post Bonnie.