Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today my hubby snapped this photo...

I got teary eyed while I was editing it.
Not because I think I look amazing.
Or because it's the most creative shot.
But because it's of me and my Mela.
And I'm actually looking at the camera.
And it wasn't taken by my four year old.
And it's a picture that I can blow up and hang
proudly somewhere in my home.
I don't have enough of these.
Must work on that.

For now, this picture has me so very happy.


  1. you're so beautiful! i just wanna kiss your face... and hers!

  2. absolutely precious! Some how I am always behind the camera and don't have near enough photos with me and my babies. What a treasure!

  3. Its BEAUTIFUL! Good job HUBBY! You look phenomenal in this photo Bonnie, I love it. Every mother should have one of these for herself. :D Great work photographer and photographee. :D