Sunday, May 9, 2010

The mama's in my life...

First there's my mama. The woman who...

Carried me in her belly for ten months.
Gave me life.
Loves me even when I act unlovable.
Cried watching me give birth to my son.
Laughs with me when my kids act silly.
Raised me as a single mom with pride, love, discipline, and a shoulder to cry on.
Forgives me when I mess up.
Gives me praise when I don't.
Loves my babies like her own.
Loves little John like I've never seen her love anyone before.
Looks at me with eyes that scream she's proud of me now. Don't deserve it but am grateful.
Would work three jobs at the same time sometimes just to give me everything I needed.
The woman who loves me more than anyone.

Mom, I love you. Like you may never know. No matter what. Forever and ever. Thank you.

Then there's my hubby's mama. My other mama. The woman who...

Met me when I was just seventeen year's old, and still loved me with all my craziness.
Gave birth to the father of my babies.
Raised five kids right and amazes me because of it.
Loved me through some hard times.
Helps so, so much. We're not even worthy.
Sends presents for us in the mail and makes my kids super happy.
Stayed up late with me to have long, yummy talks when I needed them the most.
Excepted me in her family like one of her own.
Taught me how to be in a family, with siblings and babies and the works.
Taught my husband to be a good father and hubby.
Makes me feel like part of a family that has all the pieces.

Kay, I love you. We all love you. We're so, so grateful for everything you do.

Happy Mother's Day to my mama's.

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