Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's start at the airport...

Arriving at the airport, this past Thursday, I thought about how it had been more than three weeks since I had laid eyes on my John. Before that, I had only seen him for three days after a month of being apart. Some people have wondered why we're doing this. Why we would intentionally be away from each other. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. Usually I question our situation when I can literally feel my arms aching for him. He who has been giving me hugs since I was seventeen years old. He who I call my husband, my friend, my baby daddy :), the ONE man in the entire universe that I trust with my heart and my children.

He who my kids love so much.

I question us being apart sometimes but then I drive to the airport after all our paper chain links are gone, with music blasting and I sing and the kids sing and I feel so happy. I feel a peace that I can't describe. And I remember how fast the weeks go by and how slow our days are when our whole family is together. And I remember that John will be here soon and that our family will move into our own home in a few months. And I can't tell you how happy all that makes me. So I won't try.

But this weekend my baby boy turned four years old. So a whole post about that will grace this blog soon. Oh, and he went bowling for the first time this weekend. Will blog that soon too.

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  1. Mela is getting so big & her hair is getting so long! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the birthday together! Happy Birthday again!